Brave Sister

I love Sis #2’s pictures. That was the best surprise for Zoe as not only were Sis #1’s kiddos there for her birthday, but Sis #2 and her whole family drove up to spend time with us. Sis #2 was the sis that took care of Zoe for about 9 months when I first was diagnosed. She’s pretty much Zoe’s 2nd mommy.

She took some pictures at Z’s birthday party, but accidentally erased them, so she took some at the park.

I love this picture. What a lovely surprise. It is such a typical Zoe shot. Spirited. Full of life. Always on the move.

I especially love Sis #2’s caption:

Hello up there

This is my niece. She just turned 8 on Thursday.

I took a lot of great pictures at her birthday party, but the world will never see them because I ACCIDENTALLY ERASED THEM ALL!

This is one of my “sorry I deleted your picture let me make that up by taking 6 kids (3 of mine, 2 nieces, 1 nephew) to the park and re-shooting them” shots.

BTW – this is how people “live on the edge”, after they have kids – they take a 1/2 dozen young children to the park by themselves. I highly recommend it if you do not have enough excitement or chaos in your life.

I love my sisters. Big hugs go out to Sis #3 who we were not able to see (hey, no worries, soccer season is coming up again. Zoe loves when y’all come watch!!)

I can do this. Someone adores me.

Your assignment today is to tell me about your favorite picture and/or link me to it. I love photography, but never really got into it.


I’m feeling a little better and am actually going to attempt some food today to see how it goes. I really need to see a doc to get a tune up or something.