Springious Breakamous

I shopped nearly all day today to buy stuff for Zoe’s birthday and her party. Woo – pinata and a razr scooter and tons of other stuff. I had been saving up a little so I could blow cash without really worrying about it, which is always fun. I am in such a great mood. I really just have been for about a week. I read some of my blog and wow… I sound damn miserable, but I really am not. Sleep deprived, yes, but unhappy, heck no!

I’m feeling better. Still sore, but not agonizingly so. And my lip is still jacked up, but it’s more cracked and chapped than fever blister-ish. I miss my normal lips. Cos they are kind of sexy.

I met with the awesome gals at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society here in San Antonio. They asked if I would like to volunteer at this year’s walk to help develop and set up a type of memorial something to honor survivors and celebrate the lives of those we loved and lost to this hideous disease. I only hesitated a little (but still accepted) because I am going to be roadtripping again this summer when Zoe is at her father’s in New York. I am headed to New Braunfels, New York, Houston and Seattle to participate in a cancer blogger conference with the incredible Assertive Cancer Patient.

I was a little afraid to fly last year, but most of my traveling is going to be with someone or going to see someone, so I’m not as nervous about flying alone (in case I became ill, I would rather not be alone in a strange city). But even though I physically feel kind of crappy, I also feel really determined and strong. I feel more like myself than I have in a long time.

I’m crazy wide awake. There are only a few reasons why I’d like to be awake this long, and insomnia sure as heck isn’t one of them. Insanely enough the kids woke up before 7am again. I wish I could lock my door and put up a sign that says:

We’ve been having such a blast with my niece and nephew this week. It’s a bit chaotic at times but I adore them. They are all so busy busy and full of life and joy it just aches me to look at them. I’ve been a picture taking fool because the kids are so adorable so I’ve been forwarding the pictures to their parents (Sis #1) and Zoe’s father. They are just so cute I can’t take it sometimes. I wish I had a reality show to capture the wonderfulness that they are. But I’d honestly hate that because it would beyond annoying to have someone stick a camera in my face 24/7.

I also was actually kindasortakinda having a little bit of a good hair day (well at least for me with my er… “new” hair). It’s starting to look longer, which is nice. I could tell because dangit if I didn’t get checked out while shopping. Like a lot. Which never happens because I’m so nerdy looking most of the time. I also got told that I was beautiful by someone and it just made my day. Heck, I think it made my life.

So here are some of the pictures of what’s been going on. I should sooo be asleep, but tonight it just wasn’t happenin’ even though I’m just bone tired. Literally.

See how fantastic looking my babes are. They are like my other son and daughter I never had. I adore them. I miss all my family so much sometimes, but man do I ever miss them. So when we do see each other, we really make the most of it. We have been just having a blast. Saw Horton Hears a Who, gone to the park several times, saw Cirque du Soleil (um.. again.. AWESOME!!), eaten out, hung the most hilarious and eggcellent signs all over the house that the kids make – Hoping to scan my nephew’s drawing of the amazing Yao Ming. I love to hear Zoe talk with her cousins. They are so serious and they sing and are just overall genuinely hilarious.

J and J.JPG

My dad took the kids to Navarros for breakfast and then they came home and raked leaves like mad fools. Mom said they raked about $20 worth. How awesome are they?? A while back Zoe and a friend made “flyers” to pass around the neighborhood about their lawn raking “business.” Maybe she will become a tycoon some day.
raking leaves.jpg

Took these pictures at the Cirque du Soleil performance. The kids loved it and so did I. It was like a circus (which I love) mixed with Dr. Seuss (maybe Dr. Seuss on acid?) The performers are the finest athletes too. Totally amazing.
cirque.jpg precious.jpg

I can’t believe that Zoe is almost eight. She is so breathtaking beautiful that it amazes me sometimes. Even when she was a baby, people would stop me like she was the Baby Jesus or something.

zoe 9 mos.jpg

Here are pictures taken while sitting in my car sipping on my Sixbucks iced latte. I hate having my picture taken but I’d like some recent ones where my hair didn’t look so frumpy. I don’t know why, but it sure doesn’t photograph very well. It really is well… pretty. I have always had beautiful hair, but I just need to get used to it being curly.

blueeyes5.jpg blueeyes.jpg
blueeyes3.jpg blueeyes4.jpg
blueeyes 2.jpg

I can do this. But I think I’ll need a nap first.

Your assignment today is to review what you reveal to others on the internet. I’ve seen/heard stuff lately that makes me go, “What in the Sam fuck is that?” Why on earth would you write that, much less put that on the internet? (See the Elliott Spitzer hooker for an example) I know I’m not one to talk, but honestly I think at least the image (I guess that’s what you’d call it) that I project is pretty consistent and I think it’s something I would overall be really proud of. I think I’m a quality person, I love my family dearly, I’m very caring, goofy, respectful and I think that I contribute in a positive manner to my family and my community. I have had my ups and downs in life, but I think I live a pretty great life. I think people admire and respect me because of who I am and what I have done in my life. I can’t imagine the entire world knowing who you are and that your most impressive accomplishment is being a party girl or a hooker. So think about your internets image. What is it saying about you?

Ok. I just did that nod off to sleep for a second thing, so I’m off to bed. That is, if the hooligans will let me sleep.