Survivors Kickin Ass!!

I’m going to pimp Diana’s link for her Team in Training efforts. I’m always amazed when people who have/are going through treatment are up for training for an event and actually completing one.

Dear Debby:

Well, amazing as it seems, it’s been almost a whole year since I did the Mayor’s Marathon in Anchorage AK to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Thankfully, I’m still in remission. I’m coming up on the 2 year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. Hopefully, if I continue to stay in remission, I’ll finally be able to have my port removed by the end of this year.

I’ve been keeping up with the physical training routine and in a few days I will be participating in the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program. I was hoping to be
able to complete a full 26.2 mile marathon but my old body has told me to think again, so I’ll be doing the half marathon this year. I’m determined to be physically strong enough to do a full marathon some day, but right now I’m just grateful to be upright & moving ūüôā

If you are in a position where you able to once again contribute to the very worthwhile mission of fighting blood cancers with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, please click on the link to my website. I’ve started my fundraising
a little late this year, but I’m hoping to still reach my goal of raising $2,000 before the end of May. (she has only about $365 so far – let’s help a chica out, debu_peeps)

I hope that this e-mail finds you & your loved ones in good health & that you are enjoying this Spring season.

Thinking of you & wishing you all the best…


“In 2006, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. After some hardcore chemo, I kicked cancer’s butt to kingdom come. In June 2007, I celebrated by participating in my first Team in Training event, a half-marathon, on the exact 1-year-to-date anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. How sweet it was to be able to cross the finish line under my own steam and in remission!”



I can do this. Because of people like Diana! Go D, go!

Your assignment is to donate $5 – $10 to Diana. I know I’m always asking for money, but having a survivor raise money for a pretty grueling event is really special. It inspires me and so many others to see that cancer does not own us!!

Love you. And especially you. Working on my Seattle posts, but I’m still gushy and loving that city and my Seattle folks.

Snow Day

It’s early and I’m not caffeinated enough, but wanted to check in a llittle bit.

This has been such a great trip. We went to see¬†Jeanne from Assertive Patient¬†Saturday night for pizza and some time feeding baby kittens. Zoe named her kitten Zoe. She and Tim’s daughter K were expert kitty feeders. They are so tiny and cute and when they drink from these little teeny bottles, there bellies swell right up. I hadn’t ever seen kittens that small before and Zoe worked the please-can-we-bring-home-a-kitty face.

Jeanne is totally cool. We had pizza and salad and just hung out and talked. I totally dig her style as she’s really eclectic and has amazing taste. Her house was so gorgeous and was the kind of place that was both beautiful and comfortable and filled with love. We had such a fun time. Zoe was ready to go back the next day and I really hope to be able to spend time with Jeanne this summer.

Yesterday we visited the¬†Snoqualmie Falls. It was perfect weather for sightseeing and I was completely blown away at how beautiful it was there. It is a very romantic setting and there was an outside wedding going on at the resort overlooking the falls. i watched a little because the guests were so gorgeously dressed up, although I didn’t see the bride. I couldn’t think of a more romantic setting for a wedding. But that’s probably because I’m in love with Seattle. And no, I didn’t take this picture. I took a few, but they could never be as lovely as this.


Then we went off to see some SNOW! I haven’t seen real snow in over ten years and Zoe has NEVER seen it before. We drove up about another 30 minutes to (I’ll have to ask Tim later obout the name of the pass we went to) and the kids donned some warm gear and went and climbed these huge snowbanks. I am sure they were freezing as we didn’t have any waterproof clothing or shoes, but at least there were fire pits that they warmed up at later. Zoe had such a great time there and said it was her favorite thing so far that she’s done here. I can totally see her becoming a skier if the occasion should arise. She is a natural snow bunny.

We’ve seen so many places here. It’s just gorgeous and amazing. I can’t wait to come back again to keep exploring. The weather totally suits me too!! We’re having a blast.

Ok. Off to find some caffeine and food.

I can do this. I listened to hours of Hanna Montana yesterday. (While Zoe and K sang duets to us)

Your assignment today is to tell me your favorite vacation experiences to date.

Seattle = Awesome

Quick am entry before the chirrens get up and going (Z and Tim’s two girls).

Seattle is soooo beautiful. There’s something about the weather and the beauty of the city that makes you feel alive. I can totally understand why Starbucks started here because there is so much to do that you just don’t want to go to sleep. And yes, I saw Mecca aka Starbucks headquarters; however, there are so even more *gasp* awesome coffee places here. I had the best iced latte from this little drive thru shack. It was HUGE too. Like a hot tub of latte.

I haven’t really taken many, actually any, pictures here because I’m loving just experiencing the city and there aren’t any pictures that I could take that would do this place any justice. I stopped at this little travel shop in Bainbridge (after taking a gorgeous ferry ride) and bought a this beauitful picture travel book.

Zoe is completely in her element. Tim has this giant projector tv that projects onto the wall about 110 inches. He also has the cool toys which includes a wii and a sirius radio surround sound. Zoe loves wii. She and Tim’s oldest are now playing boxing and it is crazy funny.

Ok. How could you not adore a guy who runs out to get you a special iced coffee?

I can do this. I’m very much at home.

Your assignment for today is to get outside and enjoy. I know I plan on it.

Seattle. Packing. Beyond Excited

We are headed to Seattle after school today. I’ve never flown with Zoe, but she’s been on a plane a few times with her father, so I am sure she will do well. Especially since she’s got some gadgets – Nintendo DS and books and stuff.

Tim is just so cool. I cannot wait to see him again. We have some great things planned for this week. I really am beyond excited to go because it’s a part of the country I have never visited before and, well, *whispers* Tim is there.

The only downfall is that I have to wear a mask the entire time in the airport and on the plane. I think that’s about seven hours total. It makes me feel like a freakshow, but if it keeps those oogie germs off me, then who cares? Zoe is going to look perfectly adorable. She wanted to wear this cute funky patterned dress with her leather jacket and these little wedgie heels. She has a matching purse/wallet, and wants to wear her sunglasses. Um. Hilarious!

Ok. Much to do. I’d like to go somewhere without wearing a ball cap for a change. This entire week I’ve been hoping¬†What Not to Wear¬†wasn’t videotaping me, because I’ve been looking just too ridiculous.

I can do this. I’m going somewhere it isn’t Africa hot (it was 90 here yesterday – APRIL – AHHHHH!!!)

Your assignment today is to say bon voyage! Love you internets!!!!

Safe Journey, Laiken

I fucking hate leukemia (no apologies forthcoming for the f*bomb either). Who doesn’t know a lovely 13 year old girl?

Love 4 Laiken


This is not ok. Please help us find a cure by donating to Team Zoe. Parents should not have to make these kinds of decisions.

” TUESDAY, APRIL 22, 2008 01:53 PM, CDTJim and I have made our decision……we just talked to Dr. Kapoor and really the machine is doing all the work for Laiken. She is starting to have some irregular heart rythyms and I really think it’s just her time to spend eternity with our Lord Jesus Christ. Her oxygen levels still keep going down and now she is in the mid 30’s at the highest and we have even seen some high 20’s. A pastor from our church is on his way as of right now.

Jim and I have made the decision to stop some of Laiken’s meds and just let her go peacefully. We will have them give her lots of pain meds and then stop the Dopamine. They will take the tube out of her mouth and let us have some time with her until her little spirit goes to heaven.

I can’t believe that we have come to this point in our lives where we have to make a decision like this. Laiken has faught for so very long and so very hard that it hurts to see her go like this. I never thought that this would be the way that we would have to see her go. I do know that when the time comes that Laiken has more than earned her wings in heaven. She has taught so many of us so much in her only 13 young years of life here on earth. I had hoped for so much more for her here on earth and now I have to let her go. She has blessed so many of us in so many different ways and again I will say “I am so proud to be able to be the one who she called Mama”, I just hope I was a good enough Mama for her. She loved life to the fullest and I know she will light up the heavens above with her beautiful smile. This will be our loss here on earth from such a perfect child.

Please keep us all in prayers.

With much love and my deepest sorrow, Stacey”



God bless you and your family, honey. Fly free. We will keep fighting for you. I showed Zoe your website and talked to her about our responsibility to keep fighting for a cure until no one else gets cancer. That even when I’m gone, she must continue and her children must continue to help. I am so saddened for Laiken and her family, but I am determined. I get discouraged fundraising sometimes because I’m always always asking, but I will never give up.

Because I know exactly that feeling of leukemia striking at any time. It doesn’t discriminate. I have seen all ages, all races, all financial backgrounds ~ all stuck in the waiting rooms in hospitals all over the world. Some living and some dying. It’s horrible, as all cancer is. It’s horrible on you, but moreover, it’s excruciating for your loved ones.


“Dear Family and Friends,Our precious Laiken has gone to be with our Lord at 4:36pm today. She is celebrating with the Lord and all of our loved ones who have gone ahead of us. Please keep all our us in your prayers.

With our deepest sympathy, Jim & Stacey”


I can do this. I owe them all. Just too many loved ones to list. It’s hurting my heart.

Your assignment today is to send prayers (good thoughts if you don’t pray) to Laiken and her family and loved ones. Thanks

Adorkably Loved

Busy, but extremely fun week. Soccer. Playing tour guide. Happy, tired, but feeling so so great.

Still am having issues posting pictures. Very frustrated with this as I have some absolutely adorable ones.

Just a quick super shout out to my parents. Today is their 44th Anniversary. Through thick and thin. Seven kids. Hard times, great times, through all times. Our family is so blessed to have them. I admire them so much. I am so lucky.

Happy Anniversary, Momo G and Papa. God bless you two.

I can do this. I’m sleepy, but wonderful.

Assignment: Shout outs to my folks. Go hug and kiss your special ones today.