Safe Journey, Laiken

I fucking hate leukemia (no apologies forthcoming for the f*bomb either). Who doesn’t know a lovely 13 year old girl?

Love 4 Laiken


This is not ok. Please help us find a cure by donating to Team Zoe. Parents should not have to make these kinds of decisions.

” TUESDAY, APRIL 22, 2008 01:53 PM, CDTJim and I have made our decision……we just talked to Dr. Kapoor and really the machine is doing all the work for Laiken. She is starting to have some irregular heart rythyms and I really think it’s just her time to spend eternity with our Lord Jesus Christ. Her oxygen levels still keep going down and now she is in the mid 30’s at the highest and we have even seen some high 20’s. A pastor from our church is on his way as of right now.

Jim and I have made the decision to stop some of Laiken’s meds and just let her go peacefully. We will have them give her lots of pain meds and then stop the Dopamine. They will take the tube out of her mouth and let us have some time with her until her little spirit goes to heaven.

I can’t believe that we have come to this point in our lives where we have to make a decision like this. Laiken has faught for so very long and so very hard that it hurts to see her go like this. I never thought that this would be the way that we would have to see her go. I do know that when the time comes that Laiken has more than earned her wings in heaven. She has taught so many of us so much in her only 13 young years of life here on earth. I had hoped for so much more for her here on earth and now I have to let her go. She has blessed so many of us in so many different ways and again I will say “I am so proud to be able to be the one who she called Mama”, I just hope I was a good enough Mama for her. She loved life to the fullest and I know she will light up the heavens above with her beautiful smile. This will be our loss here on earth from such a perfect child.

Please keep us all in prayers.

With much love and my deepest sorrow, Stacey”



God bless you and your family, honey. Fly free. We will keep fighting for you. I showed Zoe your website and talked to her about our responsibility to keep fighting for a cure until no one else gets cancer. That even when I’m gone, she must continue and her children must continue to help. I am so saddened for Laiken and her family, but I am determined. I get discouraged fundraising sometimes because I’m always always asking, but I will never give up.

Because I know exactly that feeling of leukemia striking at any time. It doesn’t discriminate. I have seen all ages, all races, all financial backgrounds ~ all stuck in the waiting rooms in hospitals all over the world. Some living and some dying. It’s horrible, as all cancer is. It’s horrible on you, but moreover, it’s excruciating for your loved ones.


“Dear Family and Friends,Our precious Laiken has gone to be with our Lord at 4:36pm today. She is celebrating with the Lord and all of our loved ones who have gone ahead of us. Please keep all our us in your prayers.

With our deepest sympathy, Jim & Stacey”


I can do this. I owe them all. Just too many loved ones to list. It’s hurting my heart.

Your assignment today is to send prayers (good thoughts if you don’t pray) to Laiken and her family and loved ones. Thanks