Seattle = Awesome

Quick am entry before the chirrens get up and going (Z and Tim’s two girls).

Seattle is soooo beautiful. There’s something about the weather and the beauty of the city that makes you feel alive. I can totally understand why Starbucks started here because there is so much to do that you just don’t want to go to sleep. And yes, I saw Mecca aka Starbucks headquarters; however, there are so even more *gasp* awesome coffee places here. I had the best iced latte from this little drive thru shack. It was HUGE too. Like a hot tub of latte.

I haven’t really taken many, actually any, pictures here because I’m loving just experiencing the city and there aren’t any pictures that I could take that would do this place any justice. I stopped at this little travel shop in Bainbridge (after taking a gorgeous ferry ride) and bought a this beauitful picture travel book.

Zoe is completely in her element. Tim has this giant projector tv that projects onto the wall about 110 inches. He also has the cool toys which includes a wii and a sirius radio surround sound. Zoe loves wii. She and Tim’s oldest are now playing boxing and it is crazy funny.

Ok. How could you not adore a guy who runs out to get you a special iced coffee?

I can do this. I’m very much at home.

Your assignment for today is to get outside and enjoy. I know I plan on it.