Seattle. Packing. Beyond Excited

We are headed to Seattle after school today. I’ve never flown with Zoe, but she’s been on a plane a few times with her father, so I am sure she will do well. Especially since she’s got some gadgets – Nintendo DS and books and stuff.

Tim is just so cool. I cannot wait to see him again. We have some great things planned for this week. I really am beyond excited to go because it’s a part of the country I have never visited before and, well, *whispers* Tim is there.

The only downfall is that I have to wear a mask the entire time in the airport and on the plane. I think that’s about seven hours total. It makes me feel like a freakshow, but if it keeps those oogie germs off me, then who cares? Zoe is going to look perfectly adorable. She wanted to wear this cute funky patterned dress with her leather jacket and these little wedgie heels. She has a matching purse/wallet, and wants to wear her sunglasses. Um. Hilarious!

Ok. Much to do. I’d like to go somewhere without wearing a ball cap for a change. This entire week I’ve been hoping¬†What Not to Wear¬†wasn’t videotaping me, because I’ve been looking just too ridiculous.

I can do this. I’m going somewhere it isn’t Africa hot (it was 90 here yesterday – APRIL – AHHHHH!!!)

Your assignment today is to say bon voyage! Love you internets!!!!