Snow Day

It’s early and I’m not caffeinated enough, but wanted to check in a llittle bit.

This has been such a great trip. We went to see Jeanne from Assertive Patient Saturday night for pizza and some time feeding baby kittens. Zoe named her kitten Zoe. She and Tim’s daughter K were expert kitty feeders. They are so tiny and cute and when they drink from these little teeny bottles, there bellies swell right up. I hadn’t ever seen kittens that small before and Zoe worked the please-can-we-bring-home-a-kitty face.

Jeanne is totally cool. We had pizza and salad and just hung out and talked. I totally dig her style as she’s really eclectic and has amazing taste. Her house was so gorgeous and was the kind of place that was both beautiful and comfortable and filled with love. We had such a fun time. Zoe was ready to go back the next day and I really hope to be able to spend time with Jeanne this summer.

Yesterday we visited the Snoqualmie Falls. It was perfect weather for sightseeing and I was completely blown away at how beautiful it was there. It is a very romantic setting and there was an outside wedding going on at the resort overlooking the falls. i watched a little because the guests were so gorgeously dressed up, although I didn’t see the bride. I couldn’t think of a more romantic setting for a wedding. But that’s probably because I’m in love with Seattle. And no, I didn’t take this picture. I took a few, but they could never be as lovely as this.


Then we went off to see some SNOW! I haven’t seen real snow in over ten years and Zoe has NEVER seen it before. We drove up about another 30 minutes to (I’ll have to ask Tim later obout the name of the pass we went to) and the kids donned some warm gear and went and climbed these huge snowbanks. I am sure they were freezing as we didn’t have any waterproof clothing or shoes, but at least there were fire pits that they warmed up at later. Zoe had such a great time there and said it was her favorite thing so far that she’s done here. I can totally see her becoming a skier if the occasion should arise. She is a natural snow bunny.

We’ve seen so many places here. It’s just gorgeous and amazing. I can’t wait to come back again to keep exploring. The weather totally suits me too!! We’re having a blast.

Ok. Off to find some caffeine and food.

I can do this. I listened to hours of Hanna Montana yesterday. (While Zoe and K sang duets to us)

Your assignment today is to tell me your favorite vacation experiences to date.