3 Weeks

Three weeks from today I will be on a plane to Seattle. I am so thrilled and wish I could just pack everything up and go and not come back (except to visit my fabulous family). Today it is in the 90’s and I hate even walking outside. I feel like my skin is burning off. I miss my debu_sweetie, but I know we will have so much fun. He’s totally dorktastic like me and I like that I don’t have to explain stuff to him.

Also, he’s been doing the Body for Life Challenge (which I’ve done and LOVED); when we were there last time, we were constantly on the move. His house is near a bike trail that runs along a river. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a bike, but I used to ride all the time in Austin. And when I was doing the BFL Challenge, I’d ride about 16 miles a day. I swear they all drink so much coffee because no one wants to sleep. They are too busy enjoying the active stuff. I’m looking forward to some non-stress too. I feel kind of overwhelmed lately with end of school activities.

Zoe’s class had a class first communion. During mass, the kids sang a song and did some hand gestures with the song. I wish I had a video, it was so sweet. I totally teared up. My girl is getting so big and I know that she will be gone again for the summer. I miss her like mad during the summer because she hates to talk on the phone, but I know that she is having a great time. Lots of swimming, kiddos and activities. She loves to spend summers there, but usually by the end of the visit, we are near tears from missing each other (sometimes there are lots of tears).

I love that my dad is the deacon for the mass. All the kids now shout in unison with him (he’s known for it) at the end of mass, “GO IN PEACE TO LOVE AND SERVE THE LORD.”

Ok. Near time to pick up my Z. I love you internets.

I can do this. I’m practically indestructible. (and according to the school nurse, so is Zoe. Got another call today. She always is bleeding somewhere or getting yet another killer bruise. Zoe on the goey.)

Your assignment today is to call a loved one. No distraction kind of phone call while typing on computer, watching tv, reading, getting interrupted by kiddos. Schedule it in if you have to. But it’s so important that your loved ones know that you love them. I hope that mine know.