Always Missing Someone

I remember once when Zoe was in first grade she told me that she wished all the people she loved were in the same city. I know just how she feels. Most people do. Even though my immediate family is all in Texas, most of them are in other cities, and I have cousins and aunts and uncles that I miss from one end of the States to the other. My sweetheart is across the country in Seattle. My readers, my lovely e-friends, are all over the world.

I was goofing around on my myspace page (no, Helga’s not me in a Halloween costume) and re-watched this video:

It just never gets any easier. I loved that woman. A woman I never met in person, but a woman to whom I could relate entirely. We shared secrets. We shared laughs. And many many nights we shared our fears. Never. Gets. Easier.

We are kind of lagging on our fundraising. Just have been a little busy. I think I will try to spend a few hours every week trying to find new resources for fundraising. Most everyone I know is either raising money themselves, or are in too much of a pinch right now ($4 gasoline doesn’t help). But I’m sure there is someone who might be interested. Working on expanding resources via Twitter (way too fun, way too addictive) and possibly getting corporate sponsors to add links or advertising on our Team Zoe site. I’m sure we can do some fundraisers after the summer. Zoe wants to keep having them at fun places.

Missing you. And you. But mostly you, Goobertox.

I can do this. It’s nearly summer.

Your assignment tonight is to plan to eat some salad tomorrow. When it’s 95 out with a 105 heat index and 36% humidity, there is nothing better than a summer salad. What is your favorite salad combo?