Totally in love with Amanda’s niece Ruby Elizabeth. Isn’t this just the most precious picture of all time?? Sweetness personified. How could you not have baby fever looking at this photo? If only I were 20 years younger and much much healthier, I’d birth my own baseball team.

amandas rudy.jpg


And also now in love with Collective Soul

What a gorgeous song. CS is now on my must see concert list.

Must see (or see again) before I croak.

Never seen before

Lenny Kravitz (never seen, but he’s my all time fav)
Jack Johnson
Sufjan Stevens
Allison Sattinger
Allison Krauss – hopefully with Robert Plant
Willie Nelson – sadly have never ever seen him and he’s just awesome
Collective Soul
Elvis Costello
Elton John
Raul Malo (great singer – incredible voice)
Ben Harper
Aretha Franklin
Busta Rhymes
Rufus Wainwright
Peter Gabriel

Have already seen

Tina Turner (saw her years ago at Sea World in San Antonio. It was Africa hot and she was amazing. We were like f*ck Shamu, let’s go in the restaurant while we wait for her to start)
Lyle Lovett (saw him a few times in Austin – he just jams out with his Large Band)
Jimmie Vaughn – used to see him a lot in Austin
Rolling Stones (if they are still alive)
Neville Brothers
Paul McCartney
Bo Deans
Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Jesse Dayton
Santana (my ex-husband knows the guy who used to be the lead singer – we got great tickets to this)

ok. I’m sure there are tons more.

I can do this. But I’m sleepy.

Your assignment for today is to tell me who is on your must see list.