Sending out some B-love

(blog love)

Susan is in the middle of treatment for breast cancer and having some bummer medical stuff going on. She’s been pretty frustrated lately, but is a freaking amazing person. She’s on my Twitter and is still such a bright spirit.

Just a quick assignment: Please go over and say hi and give S some encouraging words. I remember how much your comments meant to me when I was stressed or sad. (heck, your comments still mean so much to me and make me smile!)

Also, my sweet buddy Jeanne had one of her dogs die from pneumonia after eating a ROCK of all things. We met her when we were in Seattle and she had 2 gorgeous dogs. It just made me and Zoe so so sad when we heard the news. I don’t care who you are, but losing a pet is just the same as losing a member of your family. Especially when you’ve had that pet for so long.

So, please also go give Jeanne some internets love. She’s the coolest!

Feeling better today after some serious sleep.

Love you internets! And hello to any of my Twitter friends that stop by.