Welcome to … well me box (TMI Warning)

When you have radiation and chemo, one of the big risks (after death of course) is secondary cancer.

I just got a call from my MD Anderson OBGYN about my January pap smear. According to the nurse, I have atypical cells apparently.

Um. Ok. I knew that. My doc told me that last time I was there … back in JANUARY.

So my doc is going on maternity leave. And I guess she’s going over patient files. So the nurse calls me and tells me they want to do a Colposcopy.

Apparently they want to do it now, but I’m tired as a mofo and don’t want to drive, nor do I have the time, back to Houston (SINCE I WAS JUST F*CKING THERE TEN DAYS AGO). It took me 2 extra hours to drive home because I had to stop and walk around a little since I was tired and sore. We won’t even discuss the traffic.

So, since I will be in Houston already, I told her to do it then. Lovely.

I’m hoping for no biopsies. I think a sore box would surely ruin my trip to NYC. Not like I was planning a big party, but my sis and I and the awesome Diane were going to museum, foodie and maybe shop.

Whatever. I am so over this already. It’s just aggrevating and I am not going to worry about results or anything until/unless I have to.

I can do this. I have a summer planned in Seattle.

Ok. That is all. Your assignment is to enjoy your weekend. Zoe has soccer, I’m going to get to see my Bro #2 and his wife (I wish more family could come) and then we have first communion. It’s kind of a big weekend for the Debu_household, but I’m going to enjoy myself.