All the P’s


First we drive to Houston tomorrow
Then I fly to NYC with Z & spend the weekend with my Sis #1 and our friend
Then I fly back to Houston
Then I drive back to SA
Then I pack for Seattle
Then I fly to Seattle the next day (June 11)
I don’t get back to Texas until July 25th
Zoe gets back on the 26th
Then a week in New Braunfels


Filling out financial aid application for MD Anderson. Very time intensive but I have to finish today.

I think this calls for a Sixbucks iced latte with an extra shot!

I can do this. I think. (looking forward to my trips, so I know I can do this!)

Your assignment today – what? Does no one have travel plans?

PS I’ve updated¬†my flickr account. So if you have a flickr, please add me as a contact. Would love to see the photos of my friends too.