Busy Girl

It’s been really nice here in Seattle. I’m finally getting a little more used to the weather and we’ve had sun nearly every day. With a good dose of sunscreen, I’ve been enjoying watching Tim umpire baseball games. Some of the fields are just so gorgeous with trees and mountains as backdrops. I love watching sports in person, but especially baseball. I worked a summer league in college keeping the books, so it’s nice to watch a sport that I sort of understand pretty well. I also like to watch Tim work because he seems to enjoy it so much.

We’ve mostly been hanging out with his two girls this past week as their mom has some teacher testing to do. Tim’s lucky that he can work from home on occasion, and he takes them biking to the park in the afternoons. I spend my time reading, listening to music, watching television and sleeping. I feel pretty good but still have a few days where I wake up unbelievably sore. Yesterday was so bad that I didn’t want to get out of bed.

A vicodin and muscle relaxer later, in addition to the delicious iced coffee Tim brings me each morning (I’ve said goodbye for now to Sixbucks as he makes it himself and it’s wonderful), I finally got up and moving. Watched a pretty boring game in the evening, but it was so pretty out that it was very relaxing. I usually listen to my iPod and watch the game since I generally sit by myself.

[aside] you know someone truly loves you when they make you perfect coffee and purchase the Bravo channel just for you – yay!! [aside over]

I am really missing Zoe, but I know she’s having a blast with her dad. Lots of swimming, reading and other activities. But I miss her cute face, silly jokes, little hands and hugs and squishes.

I got to spend Sunday afternoon over at Jeanne Sather’s casa for her son’s birthday/graduation party. She is just the coolest and her friends are hilarious and fun. Tim and his girls came too and we all had a great time. I think we will get to see her again next week before we go roadtripping for some tournament games in Spokane and Bremerton. I love seeing more of this part of the country as it’s so beautiful.

Most likely we will get to see some of Idaho and maybe Oregon this summer too. I’m pretty excited, but it’s hard to pack for this weather – cold in the morning and hotter in the afternoons. Then you have to break out the hoodie or sweatshirts at night. I never thought I’d see this kind of weather in June. I hope we have more of it, but I think it’s going to start getting pretty hot. Upper 80’s this weekend. I bought a lightweight, long-sleeved men’s shirt to wear to the games. Sometimes sunscreen just isn’t enough.

Ok. Just wanted to check in. I’m sucking at the summer blogging here, but that’s probably because we’re having such a wonderful time. Still working on the NYC story. Was lots to tell.

I can do this. My iPod is loaded and my sweetie adores me.

Your assignment today is to tell me how your summer is going.