Seattle, Still Awesome

Not much time to blog. Been unpacking and trying not to overload Tim by all the huge amounts of stuff I brought with me. Seattle is still awesome. Tim is still awesome. I’m having a great great time.

I am still in the process of writing up my NYC blog.

Feeling pretty good. I love Seattle.

I’ll be checking in soon once I get some stuff taken care of.

Biopsy results say the same thing – atypical cells in my cervix. Mild dysplasia, which shows some abnormal cells, but nothing too serious according to the PA. They are going to keep an eye on it and I have to come back in six months and get another check and another colproscopy and biopsy.

Thyroid is good and hormone levels fine. Very happy about that. No mammogram results yet, but I’m still sore as heck from that mangler mammo technician.

Ok. Off to lunch with Tim.

I can do this, I’m in Seattle woo!