Sis #3 Birthday Wishes

Today is my lil’ sis’ birthday. Unlike most of the other kids in our family, I clearly remember the day my baby sis was born.

Sis #1 and I were in girl scouts that year and our troop had raised a ton of money so we could take a cross country bus from Myrtle Beach, SC to Wyoming to camp at this girl scout site. I don’t remember how many states we saw, but it was a ton and was a great trip (even though the can broke down on the bus and we all had to cover our noses with our handkerchiefs ~ peeyew!).

[aside] Happy belated birthday to my friend Cami from SC. She was along on that trip and is now one of my blog readers. Haven’t seen them in nearly 30 years, but I still think so much about all those great gals! [ aside over]

That year mom was a leader, but wasn’t going with us because she was pregnant with my baby sis (and probably wouldn’t have gone with that gaggle of crazy girls anyway) We joked that she’d go into labor when we were about to go to the bus station at 4:30am. Ok. No joke. She did. So our leaders had to swing by and pick us up. We then kept calling home (collect) to find out if Sis #3 was born yet only to have our grandmother refuse the charges. We finally found out days later that Sis was here. She was cute as a button and was always *my* baby.

Now she’s all grown up. She’s always been pretty damn amazing, but she’s always up to something interesting. Right now, she’s helping a group of Burmese refugees in Austin.

During the SXSW conference, she attended Frank Warren’s keynote speech (from postsecret) and started tearing up when he asked for secrets; she told him about me and how sick I was. She had wanted me to come to the conference, but I was having some pretty bad graft vs. host and couldn’t make it. I could barely speak from such a sore throat. He mentioned this on his blog too, which was kind of cool.

I will forever be indebted to her mostly because when I got sick, she took a few weeks off (and then some) to come to Houston and be my caregiver. She lifted my spirits even when I was having a horrible time. She held my hand the day I finally gave up and shaved my head. And when I was feeling punk, she brought me Wolfgang Puck Tomato Basil soup. I will never forget her wheeling me around MD Anderson, hauling ass in my BMW of wheelchairs. She cried and cheered for me and donated blood even when her tiny body could barely give any. She let me rest and chill at her casa in Austin last summer. She just kicks some major ass. I adore her.

It’s been a rough past year for her – enduring the breakup on a long-term relationship (with a total jackhole) and some craptastic jobs, but I’m hoping that things will turn around for her as she has such winning ways. She’s smart, gorgeous, and has a heart bigger than Texas.

I love love love you, Sis #3. You are totally my solid.

chelle bday.jpg

I can do this. Today was a great day to be born!

Your assignment today is to wish my wonderful baby sis a superfantastic birthday!