1:20 a to the m

Sleep eludes me.


As if this is something new.

My bird-talker is as sun-tanned as she can be. She was a swimmin’, Summer fool. I gave her the longest hugs and smooches when I finally got to her (I showed up earlier than expected to surprise her). Too sweet for words. Um, and I need to take pics – she’s HUGE! And gorgeous. Got her hair cut and she looks so grown up to me.

We are snug as a bug here at Sis #1’s house, as well it should be. Spent the day with awesome Sis #2 and her three kiddos. Zoe was in Heaven! Sis #2’s kids could not be any more adorable. They look like Disney babies. Sis #1’s two kiddos are gorgeous too… although they wake up at the crack of ass, which is why I wish I could sleep tonight.

Zoe asked me all about my summer. I told her about my brief visit to Canada (2 minutes), Montana (20 minutes) and driving through Washington and Idaho – seeing mountains and lakes and rivers and gorgeous greenery and flowers. There were so many places we saw that I wish she could have seen with us. I think I could write about it for weeks on end (as of today my NYC weekend adventures – including the Mark Wahlberg story – have still not be finished, though mostly written). I think I was too busy enjoying my precious time with Tim and soaking in the beauty that is Washington to want to spend hours online writing.

I hope that Tim can help me fill in the brain lapse that I get sometime; either it’s chemo brain, being 40-something, or remnants of my bout with encephalitis. There were so many cool things that we did. I took notes, but not enough. It’s like how I don’t like to spend that much time taking photos at events and sightseeing. I’d rather enjoy the view and buy postcards as those photographers are much better at capturing what I see than I am.

I think I was too busy enjoying my visit to think about writing it all down. But I miss my real blogging. I read some archives and I remember how much writing it all down meant to me. I felt more clarity in my life than I do now even when I was going through all the treatment and recovery. It was more gutsy, real writing than anything I’ve done in a long while. I know I need to practice my craft again (because, yeah, grammar goofs and all, I actually have a B.S. in Humanities – in English Writing & Composition – Go Saint Edward’s University!)

I still be skeered about my appointments. I am having a bad feeling for some reason and I just wish it would go away. Too bad I’m out of ativan. It is my temporary¬†Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind¬†wonder drug. I’m hoping my docs won’t object to a refill.

Ok. Going to count backwards from 100. Generally it takes me about 7 to 8 times of doing that before I fall asleep. Sucketh.

I can do this. Zoe the Incredible is here.

Your assignment today is to tell me a joke. Preferably a groaner. Tim is the best at these. I want to think about them all when I can’t sleep. Please send your many friends this way to leave me jokes as well. Obviously I have a hard time with my sleeps, peeps and I dig the commentage. Gracias. Or as ZoeElvis would say thankyouthankyouverymuch.