Birthday BBQ

We had our birthday BBQ this afternoon. What FUN!! It was kind of neat to throw a party since I don’t really have my own place anymore to host one.

Tim’s family came out. They are just so cool and fun. I know it’s kind of uncomfortable to meet the “new” girlfriend (not the first time, but you know what I mean) but they always make me feel very welcome. Tim has the cutest nephew, Ayden, age 2. He’s so adorable I just wanted to squeeze him. Tim’s best friend brought his wife and their gaggle of kids as well. It was great to be around all the chirrins. Makes me miss my Zoester big time, but I know I’ll be seeing her in a week.

Tim gave me this cute pink t-shirt from the Kitsap Bluejackets. That’s the team he umpired twice. I had such a great time at the games. He had the entire team sign it for me. It’s so awesome!!

Zoe’s been having a great time, but every summer, towards the end of her visit, she starts to get sad. I think it’s a combination of knowing she will be leaving her dad and his family and missing me. She always makes me sing our bedtime songs to her and she tells me over and over that she misses me so much. It’s terribly hard to sing to her without wanting to bawl my head off. But I know she adores her dad and has such a great summer in NY (upstate). I just can’t wait to see her. She said she’s ready to come home and see her cousins. I hope that I feel ok and that I can spend some time with Sis #2 and her family since they aren’t going with us to New Braunfels. We’re headed there with Sis #1 and her family when Zoe gets back for a week-long trip with about 13 other families. It’s now an annual thing and it’s just fun as heck!

I’m not sure what they are going to do at MD Anderson. I mostly just hope they don’t blow me off and tell me it’s just a medication issue or GVH and to deal with it. The pain is often just completely unbearable. Generally I manage through it during the day, but I’ve had to basically dope myself up to get to sleep. Usually it’s some combination of ativan, vicodin, sleeping pills or darvon. BTW, I know which ones not to mix together, but there are times where I wake up just completely lethargic. This is absolutely unacceptable. I can’t go through my life doped up.

Ok. I smell like an Elk. Or maybe a robot (as Zoe used to say) so I’m off to shower. I bet I will be posting more once I get home, so no worries. I am having a great time, so I’d rather not spend all of it online.

I can do this. Today was a great great day.

Your assignment today is to tell me about one of your favorite birthday memories.