Coffee and Chuckles

All is well in Seattle.


All is well with Tim and me.
He is truly my adorkable soulmate.
A few heartfelt emails.
A lot of talking.
Quite a bit of kissing.

All I know is that the end result is that *we* can do this.

Sometimes when the clouds seem like they will never go away, knowing that someone else is here for you to understand and still love you is enough. Through sunny days and storms. And whipped cream. And coffee.

I was going to link to my post, Love Big or Go Home, but then I started reading from my archive of December 2005. A month of life lessons. A good month if you are feeling blue and need a priority check, in my opinion.

I fly home tomorrow. So my time today is going to be enjoying my days with my debu_sweetie.

This made my laugh. From my Sis in Law #1 – “If my love for you were nickels and dimes,” a guy I dated in college once told me, “you would be able to buy a mound of cocaine the size of Greenland.”