Home Safe

After a thoroughly hork-o-riffic, turbulent flight home from Seattle, I made it safely here Friday. I’m headed to Houston today to see my bird-talker and to visit my transplant doctor on Wednesday. I wish I didn’t have to go to MD Anderson because we are going on this fun trip for a week in New Braunfels with Sis #1 and everyone else is leaving on Tuesday. Zoe will have to go without me and I pray that I’m ok and won’t have to be admitted to the Big House or have to stay extra days for tests or something.

Missing Tim and Seattle like bonkers.

Trying to focus on positive things. I still have this awful neck/lymphnode pain. I snoozed like Sleeping Beauty about 5 or 6 extra hours yesterday. Woke up, honey nut cheerio’d up and then went back to sleep until about 3pm. I’d probably still be sleeping, but I want to get on the road and my neighbor’s dogs barked like madmen at about 5:30. On a SUNDAY. *sigh* Thanks.

Last night I went in to get some water and got a great warm Texas welcome from:


perched on the kitchen sink, a solitary giant Texas cockroach.


La cucaracha
You are so damn disgusting
My flip flop killed you

Did I say I’m missing my Tim like bonkers?

I can do this. I am the killer of giant, disgusting bugs.

Your assignment today is to send me some well wishes and good health reports. No lie. I’m kindasortalotsascared.