They can’t tell you what’s wrong with you

But they make a guess anyway.


Steroids. It’s steroids. The pain. The nausea. Everything is related to steroids. Funny, they always say that. I’m sorry but I really really disagree. The pain is localized. Last time I told a doc I was in terrible pain, it turned out that *wow* I had herniated 3 discs in my back.

It isn’t anything detectable in a blood test, so that’s kindasorta good news. At least I think so.

I got 11 prescriptions for $58 too. That was worth the visit as they usually cost about 3x that when I get them in the mail.

They are scheduling an appointment next month for me to see the Pain Management group. I’m assuming that they also try to find the cause of the pain, and if they don’t know, how to manage what you’ve got. I’ll try anything. My muscles feel like they are on fire – mostly shoulder and neck pain. It’s like whiplash.

The docs didn’t seem too concerned about:

The fevers
The painful lymph-nodes (said they weren’t swollen – uh, yeah. they are)
The nausea
The fainting (once)
The muscle cramps
The fingers freezing up and “sticking”
The night sweats
The chills
The vein that has become very prominent and spread across my chest
The difficulty in swallowing
The coughing at night and when I eat
The weird way I think I smell (Zoe says, “Like a robot.”)

I guess they see so many really really sick people that because I “look great” that I must feel great. I wish I looked as bad as I feel and then maybe someone would really do something.





I don’t want to take pain meds, but since I haven’t for about 4 days now, I’m going to get my drug on like Donkey Kong tonight.

I won’t have internet access in New Braunfels, so I’ll be away at least until after Sunday.

Ok. Need to pack it all into my car. Thanks for the snappy answers to stoopid questions.

I can do this. I don’t know why but I just can.

Your assignment is to find someplace to go swimming and GO. It’s just too damn hot to do anything else!

Tim, I love you more than I love sushi. And Sixbucks. More than sushi with a Sixbucks.