In Houston Hopefully Gustav Won’t Be!

I’m still in Houston at Sis #1’s casa. I’m still coughing and it looks infected when I cough it up (can you say hairball?)

I have to stay here at least until Thursday or Friday, but am hoping we don’t get rainfall or any big time wind from the storm that is headed in the Gulf.

I just feel really overwhelmed and exhausted.

I am now on 3 antibiotics. Yay for superbugs. The prelim catscan of my head & neck look ok. Dr. Q, my MDA transplant doc, says so far it looks clear, but they will need to get the official reading. I was hoping for just some inflammation or sprained neck or something because the pain is just awful. I am pretty much living on one Vicodin a day. I try to skip as often as I can as I don’t want them to lose their effectiveness.

I watched Across the Universe, which is a movie that has Beatles music in it. I thought it was pretty amazing.

Again, too tired to write much.

I can do this. But I’m needing some Zzzzzz’s.

Your assignment today is to prepare a disaster readiness plan. Have a meetup location for your family. Have a working flashlight and set aside some new batteries that will make it work. Get all the gear you would need in case of an emergency and put it all in one place.