Meouchouch Part Dos

Had a bunch of blood tests done. Now I have to wait. Never fun. Ranks up there with the no-diagnosis issues.


Most likely *not* thyroid, lymphoma or goiter as the swelling is “too high” to be one of those and it isn’t hard (it is a little to me) although it is noticeable. She said there could be some steroid-related issue. I have now been off steroids for two weeks.

I may have allergies, but my Zertec didn’t do squat. I have a really hacky cough and now have totally lost my voice. I also have a low grade fever and a rash again. And I don’t feel like eating anything as it’s so hard to swallow. The painkillers I took haven’t helped. I feel like I’m having a hard time breathing. My collar bone hurts and is swollen. One of the meds that the pain management group gave me is an anti-inflammatory, the other is a pain killer. But I am pretty sure if I want to sleep, it’s going to take a vicodin to do it.

When my labs are done (next week) I will get a catscan of my neck and a chest x-ray. They need to check my kidney function in order to give me the contrast meds if I need them. She said a catscan is probably over cautious but she said an x-ray or ultrasound wouldn’t catch some of the things they need to check.

The PA will be sending my labs/catscan to my docs at MD Anderson also. She’s worried and wants me to see my docs there sooner than later. I also will have a doctor appointment with my friend since he’s more experienced with oncology than my doctor today is.

I really am hoping that they figure out what is going on instead of yet another round of steroid-related causes. I totally want to stay off of them, but if it’s steroid-related, they may recommend that I start taking them again.

I’m still trying not to worry, but I really feel pretty awful. I’m trying to stay positive and in a good mood, but it is really hard when you feel so punk. I feel like I just want a big hug. Sometimes when you feel this terrible, going to sleep is the easiest thing to make the pain go away.

My Zoe is still awesome. We are now reading The Great Brain which was a family favorite. All seven kids read that series and the book we are reading from is stained, yellowed, and the spine is taped together.

I can do this. My kiddo makes me smile.

Your assignment today is to work on organizing your paperwork. It’s back to school time. I used to love to buy new school supplies and get everything organized. Not that it would necessarily last, but it was always kind of fun to start off like that.