I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I am now two weeks off of steroids, but I feel absolutely horrible and have for about a week.


Something is just wrong with me. I wish someone could figure it out. Now my neck started swelling this week. I’m going to see my friend, the internist, here in San Antonio. Kind of strange because we dated a little before I met Tim. But I’ll be seeing his PA, and that’s fine. He’s going to check my files, etc. Regardless of our past, he’s a great doctor.

I’m not hungry whatsoever, I am hoarse and it hurts to swallow. I’m hoping this is just swollen glands or a minor infection or something, but it’s certainly creepy. And definitely painful.

I sleep all the time. Even major amounts of coffee aren’t helping.

I’m just not going to worry. It doesn’t help anyway. Although I have to say that Googling swollen neck presents some really disgusting results. And some pretty serious diagnosis’s. I’m not sure if I spelled that right, but I’m too lazy to look right now.

Zoe’s great. I’m in a good mood, but just lethargic and in pain.

I’m going to go eat some soup.

I can do this. No matter what.

Your assignment today is to send good thoughts, pray, or whatever for a good outcome tomorrow and that it’s not something serious.