Date Night with the Z

Shopped for school uniform shorts – check

Saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 – check

(uh. I’m glad that Z already forgot this one scene … because I didn’t want to have to explain ‘broken condom’ to her – I actually was like “OMG Noooooooo!!!!!!!” – when that scene came up. No, no, no nude or sex scene, just a scene “after” & then a kind of funny pregnancy scare montage. We were going to see Wall-E, and I REALLY wanted to see that, but she saw the picture of America Ferrera and the Gilmore Girls chick and then she was like… “Mommmmm. No, I want to go see that!!” I should soooo read PARENT reviews first (it’s PG-13) – not terribly bad, but gosh that was kind of embarrassing having to say a few times, “I’ll explain it later.” Let’s hope she doesn’t bring it up again. I might just have to break out some knowledge on her far earlier than I expected – ug!!).

Pedicure – check. I’ll take pictures of her big toes tomorrow as she got flowers painted on her toes.

Sushi – check. The picture of Zoe in this crazy hat. I don’t know why, but I just dig it on her even though it did not match a thing she was wearing. Probably because she was so adamant about wearing it.

Bookstore – check. I got The Tao of Willie and this (ducks head in shame) Nicolas Sparks book. I always want to read them, but usually am like.. Ug! Sooooo hokey! Zoe got some Junie B. Jones books. We’ve been reading every night now and it makes her go to sleep so soundly.

Now, I’m headed off to bed. Wondering if my Texans won and sad about the death of Bernie Mac and the stabbing of an American at the Olympics. I saw Bernie interviewed a few times and he always seemed so smart and quick witted – just natural and it didn’t seem like a bit or forced. I’d link the stories, but I’m too tired and lazy tonight.

I can do this. Even through the laze.

Your assignment tonight is to tell me a memory (if you have any) of the Olympics. I have watched nearly all of them since I was little, but my first real memories were of Peggy Fleming/Dorothy Hamill and Bruce Jenner. Then of Nadia Comaneci, Carl Lewis, Michael Johnson, Janet Evans – who was my next-door neighbor for a while in Austin, Mary Lou, and Kristi Yamaguchi. There are so many images in my head and I love to re-watch the highlights.


Missing my Seattle Sweetie as usual.

Needle. In My Head.

Late night. Didn’t mean to and I’m really tired, but I’m testing new meds and didn’t want to mix them with anything. So I’m dull and awake.


Reader’s Digest Version of my Pain Management appointment:

It’s general muscle pain. Cause unknown.

Good news is, the doc didn’t think it is skeletal because of whatever testy-type stuff pushing on my muscles and head they did. It was very scientific sounding, but the last time… again… the whole they didn’t believe me time, I had another herniated disk. I’m going to try to have faith and patience on this one.

Chairs in the pain management clinic are highly uncomfortable, btw.

I got a prescription for 2 new drugs, both of which could make me dizzy or drowsy. That bring the count of those possible side effects to about 80% of all the meds I take. And you wonder why I feel craptastic?

So, they talked about my 3 herniated disks. I told them that so far, I can deal with that pain. I injured 2 of them several years ago, and refuse to stick needles in them or have surgery.

But then, why I agreed to this I have no idea, the doc decided to do this whole shot regime. It’s not acupuncture, but they shot this stuff in my shoulder and neck muscles. And where I have this horrible stabbing head pain (again, so medical sounding) at a spot behind my left ear, she shot this steroid/numbing stuff… yeah. all the way INTO my skull. I tried to do some meditative breathing (all those natural childbirth classes paid off), but I still got tears in my eyes because it hurt so much.

So for about 5 hours I had half a numb head – like how your face feels when you get Novocaine. Totally creepy and very very wackadoodle feeling.

I got a prescription for some physical therapy, but will have to find one in San Antonio as commuting to Houston is just not an option.

So. I’m going to try to get some rest. It’s hard to have patience with the kids when they act squirrelly and I’m feeling so punk, but I love being here. I miss them so much. I love hearing Zoe giggle like she does when she’s here. Although, man, she and her boy cousin fight like the dickens. My kiddos *sigh.*

Tonight we started reading a book about 100 dresses. Zoe knew that I was still in pain so she was rubbing my neck. She is totally my snuggle bunny. I feel strangely calm.

I can do this. It’s football season and I’m a TEXANS fan!

Your assignment today is to take some time to watch the Olympics. I have always loved the Olympics since I was a little kid. I can’t imagine how exciting it would be to actually be there to watch them because it’s just so thrilling to watch them on tv. I love watching them with Zoe. She takes after Sis #1 and is a big sports fan! So take or make some time to watch – multi-task if you have to – watch and do some arm curls or stretch. But enjoy one of the more amazing sporting events that we have.

Missing my debu_sweetie tonight. He’s peaches.


My appointment at the Pain Management clinic has been postponed until Thursday afternoon because of the possibility of Tropical Storm Edouard heading this way (flooding/rain is what we’d get here in Houston most likely).

Zoe starts school on the 18th. I still need to purchase her uniforms or pray that I will be allowed to raid the school’s closet of used uniforms. I mean, who wants to pay $50 for a jumper they wear once a week. I’d buy them online, but I don’t know if she has stuff that still fits her. She got taller, but thinned out a lot from all the swimming.

I’m glad the kids are feeling better. Zoe was just so cute last night as we read Ramona Quimby, Age 8 for her summer reading reports.

Finishing up this post later on. I made a ginourmous pot of spaghetti (it was GREAT) and then we ate strawberries. I took some medrol (steroid) yesterday and a Vicodin this afternoon so I feel much better, but still am pretty achy. I’m taking a break from the News as they are getting a little out of control with the storm drama already.

Tracking Tropical Storm Eduardo
Eduardo Eminent
Storm Central
Storm Supplies Flying off the Shelves

I know storms are deadly and dangerous, but I don’t think I need to watch six straight hours of coverage. Some stations don’t even break for commercial.

Zoe’s snugged up asleep next to me. She’s so pretty. We both miss Seattle and she misses her big sis there. They were birds of a feather.

I am going to spend the day in my jammies and watch all the rain.

I can do this. I’m in far too much pain, but the jammies and snuggles make it cozy.

Your assignment today is to take at least 5-10 minutes to enjoy something you like. I had some warm hazelnut cinnamon coffee this morning and I enjoyed just savoring the flavor. It’s no where near as good as the coffee my debu_sweetie used to deliver every morning, but for today, it will have to do.

And thank you for all the lovely comments, especially Alyce (yes, my Tim’s sweet mom). I was really surprised, but regardless of all the pain, knowing that people are praying and care about you really truly helps lesson the fear and hurt and pain. Knowing all of that gives me such strength. I can and *am* doing this. I love you!


My debu_sweetie is so on my mind. I just truly adore him.

Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart. ~Kay Knudsen

No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other’s worth. ~Robert Southey

” I miss you most when I’m sad. I miss you when I’m lonely. But most of all, I miss you when I’m happy.”

New Barf-els

I love my Houston friends that were in New Braunfels with us. It was so great to see them all and see their faces again. Their kids are ginourmous and there were some good laughs and lots of fun. I spent a few days in the pool (the shaded part with my big ol’ hat) and then a day resting because I started feeling kind of puny.

Sadly though, some nasty bug (we don’t know what) felled the majority of the kids there (about 15-20) and some of the other families that were there – the vomiting, nausea, diah of the rear kind of bug. It’s so awful to watch a 40 pound little girl throw up so hard. My little niece was crying and vomiting at the same time. It was heart-wrenching.

Sis #1’s two kiddos got it. Zoe got it later as we were headed home – we left late Saturday night instead of staying the extra night. Zoe had been complaining about her stomach and no sooner had I stopped to fill up my car with gas, did she start screaming for me and throwing up. Good thing we brought a pot, but I feel bad for whomever will have to empty the garbage at that Shell Station. My poor baby kept crying about how “scared” she was. We took off and fortunately we got home around midnight. Zkat didn’t throw up again, but still isn’t really up for solid foods. It felt like the longest drive ever.

I decided to cold-turkey my steroids (from 4mg to zero). Since they keep telling me they are the cause of about everything wrong with me, I am trying to manage the side effects. So far, no stomach GVHD issues, but I feel completely awful. I have an appointment with the pain management team at MD Anderson on Tuesday, so I’m not taking any pain meds either. I feel like a complete vegetable. And I have a 101.2 fever.

Upon further internetting, it seems as if I shouldn’t do that as it may cause Acute adrenal crisis.

Ok. Too tired to write. My debu_sweetie is just awesome (see his comments on below post).

I can do this. I love Tim more than Sixbucks, Maplewood, or Stir all wrapped in one. More than Zoe loves pizza even.

Your assignment today is to go check out this post at Jeanne’s site. A single mom going through some really bad bad cancer treatment could use a spare buck or ten.

I love y’all.