Pencils, Notebooks, Teachers – GO!

My squeezer started 3rd grade this morning. She said she had a great day and likes her new teacher. Last night we prayed for our friends, Tim and his family, our family, her teacher – pretty much everyone. We also prayed that this will be a great school year. Two of her bestest good girlfriends are in her class, so she was very excited.

No time to write as it’s dinner time.

3rd grade.jpg


I had to take a vicodin today as the pain was unusually bad. My neck is swollen and it hurts to swallow. I am frustrated. So I slept most of the day away. It felt good. So far, I’ve gone 12 days without any steroids. If I can stay off them (and bear the side effects), my transplant doc said I could start getting off of alot of my other meds. This makes me happy.