Send it in a Certified Letter

Dear Ms. Debutaunt,


We have been unable to establish and maintain a satisfactory physician-patient relationship for your medical care. Therefore, we find it necessary to inform you that we will no longer be providing professional care to you.

If you are in need of emergency services in the next 30 days, we will be available*. During this time, we urge you to call your local medical society or your insurance company and select a doctor of your choice for your medical needs. We will make your records available to your new physician upon receiving a written request, which I am enclosing for your convenience. Thank you.


Lawrence A. Alder, M.D.


Dear Deb,

Because I dated you and dumped you for this crazy bitch, she had a shit fit and said that I couldn’t come be one of your assistant’s patients anymore. It doesn’t matter that you are desperately sick, I am such a fuckwad that I don’t have the balls to stand up to this bitch girlfriend of mine. I don’t have the integrity to do my job as a physician and help you when you are truly in need.


Dr. Larry Asshole

Well you know what? Fuck you, dude! You and that crazy chick deserve each other.

My San Antonio transplant doc also contacted me today. I understand where he is coming from, but what he is asking isn’t always feasible. He told me that I need to have all of my care at MD Anderson. Ok. So what if I’m incredibly sick and need to go to the ER? I’ll take my invisible jet to Houston and go to the docs there Wonder Woman style. He recommended that I go to the MD Anderson ER ASAP. I phoned my Houston clinic and they agreed. They said that if I continue to feel bad and still have fever that I should come in. I’m going to try to go tomorrow. Today is over.

Today I feel lethargic and really really sore. My neck is killing me. I’m just very dejected and feel like no one will ever figure out what is wrong. I feel worse than I did before when I had cancer. I have no life because I am so tired and in pain, it makes doing the most simple things so difficult. I’m missing Seattle and Tim way way alot. I read through some old blog posts and saw that the first two times we were together (in SA and my first trip to WA with Zoe) I felt healthy and great. How did that go so wrong?

I can do this. I just am reaching out for some help.

Your assignment today is to do something nice for someone. Love love.