Slow News Day

You just won the lottery …. What would you do?


Stolen from Sandy (hiya!!!)

1. What would be the very first thing you would do? Pay off debts. Fly to Seattle to see my sweetie and Jeanne. Get some great insurance.

2. Where would you choose to live? Most likely Seattle. With a view of Puget Sound or Lake Washington

3. What kind of house would you live in? Something big enough for me and a bunch of visitors. Nice views. Big kitchen with fancy appliances.

4. What kind of car would you buy? I’d buy a few people cars first – like my Bro #1. I like my car but I would get the body repair work done (new bumper and new door handle, misc scratches.) Then I will buy a small, four door Mercedes.

5. Where would you vacation? Europe. All over the US. But only when it’s cooler.

6. Would you have anything on your body fixed? Maybe some skin lightening procedures on all the freckles that I got from radiation. I’m too scared to do plastic surgery.

7. What kind of hobbies would you engage in? Cycling and maybe buy a boat.

8. What charities would you donate to? The Leukemia Society and The Bone Marrow Donor Program. MD Anderson too. And whatever school Zoe would go to. And I’d research autism charities.

9. Would you give money to your relatives? If they needed it

10.Would you run away from your current life? Nah. It’s pretty good. I’d spend more time seeing doctors to see if I could figure out why I feel so craptastic. Then I would keep on keepin’ on.

11. Would you continue to work? Only volunteering when I wanted to.

12. Would the money change you in any way? Yes…make things a little less complicated.