Ahhhhhhh it was a ….

HAIR transplant that McNotBaldCain was referring to. Because his joke on Biden in the other debate didn’t go over so haha funneh, he thought he’d trying it again. While other life-saving transplant patients and I were muttering to ourselves, “Did he just say what I thought he said?”

But in this day and age, honestly I think if you don’t go all catface woman or Michael Jackson with your plastic surgery and don’t go overboard, so what? I know what it’s like to be bald. It’s uncomfortable, and I don’t think it had anything to do with me being a woman. I felt… exposed. But I knew that mine would grow back. When men add some hair, they look younger. I’m sure it makes them feel more handsome or how they used to feel before they lost their hair.

If women can wear those nasty woven and cheap looking extensions and weaves, have fake boobs and fake nails and fake tans, what’s wrong with a man wanting his hair back? And if they can fix it without making it look like a bad rug, go for it.

I actually dig the bald dude look on most men. I like it when they shave it close to the head. (warning, sunscreen is necessary). It’s kind of cool looking on men.

I can do this even though I was temporarily flabbergasted by McCain’s transplant comment (thanks Jessicacarrot and Collins – y’all rock!)

Your assignment today is to look in the mirror and say, I look damn good, and then check yerself out!


But before you get any plastic surgery, take some tips from this site. It’s not called Awfulplasticsurgery.com for nothing.

Poor Janice Dickenson.


And that cute hottie McHotster Mickey Rourke. Although I do believe he initially had surgery after a car accident or injury.