Guess What?

It’s sis #2’s BIRTHDAY – WOO!!

Sis #2 is like Zoe’s second mom. When I got sick, Zoe had to live with my sis for 8 or 9 months. It was so hard to be away from Zoe that long but I knew that Zoe adores her cousins and that Sis #2 loves and cares for Zkat just as much as I do. There’s just such a special bond between me and my 3 sisters. But it became even tighter when my older sis #1 and Sis #2 were pregnant at the same time (can you say hormonal nightmare?) Sis #3 lives in Austin and she is like my little heart. She’s 13 years younger and was like my baby for so long. When I got sick, she took two weeks off to come care for me. She’s so thoughtful and caring and I’d do just about anything for her.

Sis #3’s not married yet (no clue why because she’s smart and beyond beautiful) We fought like cats and dogs when we were little, but this day, I feel so close to my sisters and our children are really close. Zoe misses them all the time and when they are together it’s like class reunion day or something. I think they are all more like brothers and sisters than cousins.

I miss all three of my sisters so much. I remember Zoe was upset and crying one day. It was after she came home from her father’s for the summer. She told me, “I wish all the people I loved lived in the same city as me.” I most certainly wish that about all my sisters as well.

You’re assignment today is to wish Sis #2 a Happy Birthday in the most festivus manner possible. She’s awesome.

Sis #2 takes great pictures. Check her out on flickr. She lives in Houston so find her if you want some cool portraits or prints of her pictures.