Sista Power!!

Sis #3 is a freelance internet marketing queen and writer. She just posted a blog with a friend of hers and it has a link to my deb_fund paypal account. It is so humbling, but I appreciate her help so much. If you need: Branding, Information Architecture, Blog or Social Media Consulting, and Newsletter Creation, look my sister up!

Please go check out her post with the amazing Lynn Bender playing to help raise cashamatoma.

Sis #3 also did a Tweeter blood drive in Austin last July and 80 people showed up to donate blood. It was twice the amount of traffic that the blood center usually gets. She’s just awesome.


From Sis #2. I can’t read this without just tearing up. She posted it on her flickr account for Pink Tuesday.

cancer effects more than those diagnosed…

pink tuesday.jpg
on 10/21/2005, my whole world, as i knew it, collapsed. my older sister, Debby, was diagnosed with leukemia and from that day forward i would be her 5 year old daughter’s surrogate mother for the next 8 months.

it’s devastating when you first get the news, and a roller coster of emotions as you struggle with the fate of your love one going through battle after battle… with the disease, the insurance company, daily life, treatments, colds that could kill…

as the sister, it was my job to keep the calm, to raise her daughter as my own, and to have an exterior of “life is normal” when inside you are feeling anything but “normal.”

while this is breast cancer awareness month, for me it is the month of awareness of the disease that almost took my sister’s life.

for more information about my sister and her struggle with leukemia, go to my sister’s blog: