A little humorous and a little bittersweet.

“Zoe, you know mommy is getting medicine again, right?”

“Like for cancer?”

“Yes, but I think this time I will let you draw whatever you want on my bald head. My friends want you to update your Christmas wishlist on Amazon Make sure you do that, ok?”

“Can I get that double Barbie Dreamhome? (like I have a clue what that is even though she already has the big castle).

“It’s possible, but we will have to see. Make sure you take Papa to Academy to pick out that bike you wanted. I want you to be able to ride before Christmas.”

anxious pause on her end…

“I’m not sure when I can come home, but you know I’m always in your heart, don’t you?”

“Yep. Of course.”

“Mom, I will call you back later tonight, ok? I’m watching tv.

“Sure. I will sing to you.”

“Good. I like when you sing even though you aren’t a very good singer.”

I can do this. I’ve been dreaming of my bedspread. And a dark, quiet room.

Your assignment today is about the same. I’m taking it a day at a time. I wish turkey sounded appealing though.