A Long Night With El Diablo

Ok, these Chuck Norris jokes are cracking me up.

I had more platelets today and I always try to pretend that some studly, tri-athlete, handsome doctor has donated my blood products to me. So I get extra POWAH!

I’m now hooked to my least favorite chemo, nick-named El Diablo Rojo. It gives you the worst heart burn of all time and nothing makes it go away.

I am so bruised I look like I have been in a bad car wreck. Even tape bruises me now. I hope I don’t get hit in the face, because then people might stare. *rolls eyes*


I tried hard to take a cute picture before my hair falls out again, but I smell kind of rank like chemo meds and my hair is getting wig-ish. It’s creepy!

Zoe has a cold, but Momo G has magical powers.

I can do this. Thoughts of home and my bed bring me home.

I’m going to try to sleep. Your assignment today is to enjoy your week and be thankful. Thankful with pie.

PS – My Bro #1 who was my donor said that I’m just having a grudge match vs. the cancer.