Black And Blue

Went to a school fundraiser tonight. It was really great to get out for the night and wear grownup clothes. I could never be a model because a) I hate taking pictures of myself and b) I always have the worst facial expressions!! My makeup looks much nicer in person although I was feeling pretty but realized when I got in my car to go home that when I reapplied my lipstick I had it all over my teeth and no one told me – GAH!

All my pictures look about the same because I take them in my car with my dumb cell phone. I can’t figure out the viewfinder when I take my own picture. But here they are.


Insurance stuff is very very slowly detangling. I need to see a doctor for some labs, but cannot incur that expense; especially when hope is on the horizon. (and thanks for the paypal donations. I can’t see the info, but hopefully will get email information to thank you personally. How awesome of y’all.)

I can do this. I’m bruising, but not giving in.

Your assignment today is to say hi. Pretty easy, huh?