Day 2 of Chemobama.

I got platelets yesterday and 4 pints of blood today. It’s helped with the breathlessness. Sis #1 brought her amazing muffins and Sis #2 is going to drop off some laundry and maybe dinner. I love my family so so very much. I’m completely blessed.

Thanks for the comments. They really mean so much to me. This has been really hard and I”m sooo so missing my sweet bird-talker. She still doesn’t know the full extent of all of this. My heart is breaking over that, but I don’t know if she’s ready to understand that I might not see her for months.

I’m still big time black and blue and it’s getting worse. I got some lasix today and man, it was crazy pee pee day too.

I’m going for a walk today. I may not be able to answer all comments and email, but thank you Interwebs. You still rock and I still love you all very very much.

I can do this. I have the POWAH of Chuck Norris.

Your assignment today is to leave me your favorite Chuck Norris joke. I also would appreciate the spreading of the word. I am back to taking the donations for the deb_fund because my insurance fell through. We are hoping to fix it on Monday because it is totally a clusterfuck. Also thanks so much for the prayers for my family. It’s so hard on them, although this time I’m still pretty scared and trying not to be. But knowing what all I am facing is skeeving me out. My hair texture is already changing from the chemo. Next it will fall out. *whimper* I wish Shoshie was here so she could paint something lovely on my bald head.

Ok. My walk is waiting! Love love.