Mom’s Little Alarm

Ok. During the week, Zoe is a pain to get up and get moving. I usually tickle her or breath my stink dragon breath on her thereby melting her face.

But on the weekends, she’s always up at the crack o’ crack.

This afternoon we have a soccer game at 12:00pm. So Zoe walks in at 8:15 and says, “Hey mom, you still have two hours to sleep. Okay, bye bye.”

Went to dinner after soccer practice and took this picture. Not the most flattering to me as I have zero makeup on, but my hair is getting longer (touching my shoulders) and we had a fun time.


I’ve been having some problems breathing lately. My insurance is still messed up and hasn’t kicked in yet (long story) so I haven’t seen my doc. I also have some kind of knot or scar tissue over my left bone marrow biopsy site. It really hurts. I’m a vicodin kind of girl lately. Still sleeping a lot, but overall I feel much much better than I did a few weeks ago.

I can do this. But why is it still so darn hot here?? Isn’t it November already?

Your assignment, enjoy the outdoors. Even if it is freezing or raining, just get up and get out.