More Blood Products

Any suggestions on healing bruises? Like big ones that trauma patients get?

I got 2 pints of red blood today. I always say prayers for the person that donated.

I’m tired
Still unable to eat much
Mouth sores (will try the tea, thanks, Bren/Cody’s mom) Snaggy looking rats nest in the back of my hair, but I can see that it’s thinning and falling out. I need to walk more, but I’m a peeing machine (I hate lasix!) I am finally able to stand up on my own and walk around the room a little bit.

Thank you all so much for checking in on me. I feel so weak now it’s crazy. I really just wish I was able to eat without everything tasting like fire. Unfortunately the only good thing is Gatorade.

Reading comments. Going to bed.

Mucho much love!

Donate blood if you can or make someone donate for you. It truly has been life saving for me lately.