Houston Battle Red

First, yay for the Houston Texans winning on Monday Night Football. Second, hey, they are going to have a big blood drive too. Sis #1 wrote about it on her Texan’s blog at the Houston Chronicle. If you go there, you also can give them my information so I get credit for that donation.

Here is the link:


Thanks Sis # and the Texans!

And thank you to anyone that donates blood products, regardless of if I get the donation credit or not. There are thousands of patients like out there like me. Waiting every day and being so overwhelmed that people really do take time out of their days to donate my blood.

In the past, I’ve made people who have donated blood cry before. They say that they just do it because it’s kind of a habit by now, but they forget that someone actually receives those blood products. It still amazes me. I am always thankful for when I get a transfusion.


Today has been kind of a slow day. I am so hungry, but I can’t keep eating ice cream and softee icees. It just doesn’t feel like food to me. The mouth sores are really pretty bad and it’s no longer a taste bud thing, but more of a when I chew, no matter what it is, it feels like I”m chewing broken glass.

I still am craving an Arby’s Roast Beef sammich.

ok. Just got off the phone with Zoe. We hadn’t really talked in a few day, so we did some catching up. At one point, I thought she started to sound sad. I told her, “Honey, please don’t be sad. You know that I”m always in your heart not matter where I am.”

“I just don’t want you to die, Mom.”

” I said me, either kiddo. But everyone dies someday. It’s just that I don’t feel like it’s my time yet.”

“Me either too.” I hope that she and my mom had a good bedtime routine tonight. Some praying, reading and singling and lots of squishes. I miss that the most. Just being and snuggling with that girl.

But today I was seriously wondering, what if after this round of chemo, my body just won’t go back into remission. What if they can’t kick its butt? My muscles are so much weaker this go round and the chemo is stronger and not quite as tolerable. I’m only on the first round too. I get a biopsy in a day or two. Hopefully I will be able to get some results that make me feel a little calmer.

I can do this. Just lining up some ducks in a row. Next to my sammich.

Your assignment today is to thank a blood donor, or recruit some new ones.